Dalian Grand Shipping Co., Ltd., evolved from Grand Shipping Limited (H.K.), is a shipping company approved by the Ministry of China Communications. Grand Shipping has concentrated on the core business of tramper services all over Asia, with its fleet of 6 self-owned vessels presently running in the range of China, Korea, Japan, far east and southeast Asia.

Grand Shipping understands the shipping market as well as the demands of the commodity traders and the logistics operators, particularly those who operate business in the Asian-Pacific Region. Its fleet of high flexibility, network of business alliances all over most countries of Asia and high-standard ship’s management system provide the type of integrated logistics solutions needed by customers endeavoring to achieve efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Grand Shipping offers a number of services, including but not limited to seaborne transportation. Dalian Jinhua International Shipping Agency Ltd. as a subsidiary division of Grand Shipping was established in 2003 with its headquarters based in Dalian and its branch in Zhenjiang. Grand Shipping serves as an independent ship agency, providing with services in agency affairs and freight forwarding.

To meet self-development demands, Grand Shipping has phased in its long-term strategic plan with the first step of increasing input on ship management services as well as cargo brokerage and transport worldwide. Grand Shipping set up its branch in Shanghai in 2006 with its functions concentrating upon business coordination for global shipping routes.

Grand Shipping is moving towards a diversified shipping company with its target of maximizing its customers’ satisfactions. We are determined to spare no effort to provide customers with our safe, swift, convenient and high-quality services.

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